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Fighting hunger and promoting food security is a core tenant of SDCs international engagement. This can consist of short-term, post-disaster humanitarian assistance, or it can mean longer term engagement that is designed to address root causes and help beneficiaries establish durable structural solutions. Beyond this, SDC also supports international research and is engaged in multilateral processes and dialogue.
As a growing knowledge-management hub, the A&FS Network sits at the heart of this. This page is designed to direct you to various SDC-internal resources which will help you discover more of what SDC is undertaking in areas related to food systems.

Swiss International Cooperation

This page seeks to present some of SDC’s core approaches to food systems in its philosophy and operational programming.


The below list shows the countries with ongoing SDC projects related to agriculture. If you click on a country, you will get to the corresponding entry in the SDC project database.

Reference indicators

SDC management has approved a set of reference indicators to monitor the implementation of Switzerland's Strategy 2021-24 for International Cooperation (IC Strategy). The indicators relevant for the Agriculture and Food Systems domain are presented below.

Strategic documents

SDC documents related to agriculture and food systems

External links

This page serves as a reservoir of links to organisations, platforms, research centers, think tanks, as well as recurring reports and projects of the SDC Food System Section, which network members may use to broaden their knowledge on food systems and discover new opportunities.